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TRON: Legacy
Flynn Lives. Tron

Flynn Lives. Tron

Tron. The Next Day. Flynn Lives.

The justice department announced today that it'll begin a full on investigation into the underground movement known as Flynn Lives. Led by a mysterious online figure known as ZackAttack, this furnigate group has been held responsible for acts of abortion against Encom.

Greetings. My name is ZackAttack. For years I've been predicating to you through message in code. But as of this morning, the landscape has become too difficult and dangerous to operate in. I want to thank the millions of you who helped to keep Kevin Flynn's spirit alive. And especially those who've been with us from the beginning.


Encom executive: It's been over two days. We have to face reality here. I know he's your friend, but Kevin Flynn is gone. And no one seems to know where.

Alan Bradley: There's no need to panic.

I've got shareholders breathing down my neck. This is bad for the company. Look, I'm not saying it's permanent. God willing he comes back. But we got to prepare for the worst.

Fine. Consider me interim CEO. I'm only doing it for Sam's sake.


I suggest the board not forget who their biggest shareholder will be if Kevin doesn't come back.

The Flynn Lives movement was born out of loss. But Kevin's genius inspired us all. He saw worlds beyond what we believed to be possible.

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