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A Dangerous Method
I want you to punish me. A Dangerous Method

I want you to punish me. A Dangerous Method

A film by David Cronenberg.

Sex: male. Family: child. Divorce: no.

Two of the world's greatest minds.

Professor Freud. I'm Dr. Jung. I've simply opened a door. It's for the young men like yourself to walk through it.

The true story of an encounter.

Perhaps she's the one, for your experimental treatment. Tell me about the first time you can remember being beaten by your father. It excited me.

That would change everything.

And how is your little Russian patient? There was the most dramatic improvement. Is she a virgin? Oh certainly. If you ever want to take the initiative, I live in that building there.

The deepest impulses.

Why should we put so much effort into suppressing our most basic natural instincts?

The darkest desires.

Never repress anything. I want you to punish me.

The untold secrets.

There's a rumor you've taken one of your patients as a mistress. Surely you didn't think I'd let you go without putting up a fight?

From the Director of A History of Violence and Eastern Promises.

Don't you think we ought to stop? Do you want to stop?

And the Writer of Dangerous Liaisons.

You still love her. Will you come back to us?

Sometimes you have to do something unforgivable, just to be able to go on living.

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