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Thor: The Dark World
Jaime Alexander as Sif in Thor

Jaime Alexander as Sif in Thor

Interview with Jaime Alexander for Thor.

Jaime Alexander: I play lady Sif in Thor and she's kind of Thor's right-hand man in a way. She looks after him and protects the kingdom, so wherever he goes, she goes. She's very loyal and she's a butt-kicker, sure.

It's such an amazing thing. It's an amazing experience to be part of Thor. It was such an amazing script and the people that I worked with were incredible and I can't wait to see what this brings in the future. There's a lot of avenues we can explore.

I think everybody in the film brings something different to it. Because everyone is so individual and everyone's so different. We're from so many different countries. That was the thing. It's a very international cast.

Jaime Alexander also talks about being directed by Kenneth Branagh. What the audience can expect from this Marvel film. And what her favorite scenes are.

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