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Thor: The Dark World
Kat Dennings talks about her role in Thor

Kat Dennings talks about her role in Thor

Kat Dennings interviewed about playing Darcy Lewis in Thor.

I'm a really big comic fan and my brother collected comic books when we were kids and I'd always take his a read them.

I play Darcy Lewis, who's Jane Foster's little sister figure, intern, assistant, who's pretty bad at her job. She doesn't know anything about science. And just idolized Jane and she wants to do that, but she doesn't actually want to do that... So she's just sort of coasting along like a little puppy dog.

It's the biggest movie I've ever been in and probably will be and it feels amazing. I mean, I still can't believe that I'm in this. I watched it and I just wanted to see it again and again and again. And I forgot that I was in it. I was like, wait, I yeah that is me.

Kat Dennings also talks about being part of the Marvel universe. Working with Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman. Her favorite scenes and favorite scenes to shoot. And Chris Hemsworth eating way too much.

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