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Horrible Bosses
Kevin Spacey talks about playing the horrible Dave Harken in Horrible Bosses

Kevin Spacey talks about playing the horrible Dave Harken in Horrible Bosses

They are the stupidest people you've ever watched in your life. And what's interesting is that Jason normally is smart, but somehow being saddled next to these two becomes remarkably stupid in this film. They just make the worst decisions ever. And so you can see they had such great chemistry. And they had such a great time together that literally every scene, I can only imagine the number of choices that Seth had to try to decide which ones to use, because they're very, very funny together. I saw the film and I laughed really from top to bottom.

Jennifer Aniston is probably single handily, absolutely destroyed whatever reputation she might have had. Anyone that ever thought that knew what she was like. She absolutely is so willing to go to where this script asks her to go. It's hilarious. And it's exactly what I think audiences will dig and enjoy, is that everybody is sort of flipped. Colin Farrell is known as this sort of sexy guy. And he is about as ugly in this movie as you can get. He's a remarkable choice in terms of just his physical appearance. But he's also just an absolutely disgusting character.

The three of us, who play these horrible bosses, really give these guys something to fight against. And you completely understand why they will, why they attempt in this movie to actually end up killing us. It's just unfortunately they're so stupid, that everything they set out to do doesn't go in any way shape or form as they plan on it going. And so that's of course where the hilarity ensues.

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