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Luther: Final Confrontation with Alice

Luther: Final Confrontation with Alice

John Luther visits Alice in the hospital in Season 2 of Luther.


What's this? Permanent solution to a temporary problem. How many times have you tried it? Fewer than a hundred. Sadly each attempt has ended in failure. So they gave me no choice but to just keep on living.

And to keep you save, they put you in here. Well, it is a secure hospital John. As secure as a prison? One can only assume so. You seeing anyone? It's none of your business. Because I'm not. Most of the people in here are women. Not that I mind perse. Needs most. But they do tend to vial on the mental ill. Child abuse, spouse abuse, alcohol abuse. It's all just breathtakingly unerotic.

What about you? What about me? Have you left yet? Left where? The police force. No. Will you? Yeah. Yeah, I'm leaving. When? Soon. Just got a couple of things to take care of. Getting Ripley back on track. And there's this girl. What girl? Just a girl. I said I'd help. Which is exactly the problem. Yeah. But then I'm done.

Good, because the people around you are vampires. They'll suck your vanes dry. Crack open your bones and lick out the marrow. You've done enough for them, so step away. And find yourself I life worth living.

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