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Super 8
Making a Super 8 movie with friends

Making a Super 8 movie with friends

A train is coming.

Charles, the director (Riley Griffiths): Production value! Cary, you put film in the camera right?

Cary (Ryan Lee): I didn't put it in.

Charles: What? Put it in. You're a joke. Go, go, go. Costume, costume. Help her. Preston, get into position. You know your lines. Cary, get the camera ready. Oh God I hope we don't miss it.

Cary: Shut up, I'm trying!

Charles: Positions, positions. Ready, be extra loud when the train passes by. Here we go. And, action!

Alice (Elle Fanning): John, I don't like it. This case, these murders.

Martin (Gabriel Basso): What do you want me to do. Go to Michigan with you?

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