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Mavis signs her own book in Young Adult

Mavis signs her own book in Young Adult

Wow, they must be really popular.

Actually, that's our surplus stock, we're trying to clear out. They were big a couple of years ago, but the computer says do not shell, so.

Hey, are you writing in there? I'm the author. I'm just signing it. You're Jane MacMurray? No, Jane MacMurray just created the series. I wrote the book. Mavis Gary-Crane, see.

In the book she writes:

Dear kendra,
Girls Rule!

xoxo :) Mavis Gary-Crane

Do you know Jane MacMurray? Yes, I know her really well. I wrote the book. Ok. Do you want a signed copy for your store? No, that's fine. I can sign as many as you want. It adds value to your stock. Yeah, but once merchandise is signed we can't send it back to the publisher. Why would you be sending it back to the publisher? We're probably not gonna sell them. The series is done.

Come on. I told you, you can't write in the book.

Whatever! Bookman.

Scene from Young Adult with Charlize Theron and Brian McElhaney.

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