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A Dangerous Method
Michael Fassbender talks about lust, jealousy and egos in A Dangerous Method

Michael Fassbender talks about lust, jealousy and egos in A Dangerous Method

Michael Fassbender: I play C.G. Jung. And I play him during the time that he spent at the Burghölzli hospital. And to a few years after he left the hospital and started to work from his home, Küsnacht. So I think it spent from about 1902 to 1913.

The words that we use today. Introvert and extrovert. I mean, they are sort of things that we take for granted now. But back then people didn't really think of that. Or comprehend that it was sort of like, everybody moved as one lump. He had this idea that you need to find yourself as an individual, before you finally can access your full potential.

The fact of the matter is that he was just sort of open to kind of anything. Where as Freud was very much set in one form of psychology. This idea that all neuroses essentially springs from the sexual origin. And I think Jung has a problem with that.

Jung looked up to Freud so much. But he is the next... It's kind of like Freud's own philosophy. He's gonna kill the father and take over. And I think that for somebody like Jung, who was so ambitious and so driven, I think with both these characters. You know, Freud didn't like to be questioned.

She's troubled, mentally. When she first arrives at the hospital. But I guess what takes him back is, she's extremely intelligent. And she's also extremely brave and open. And he's starting this Talking Cure, which he's sort of taken from Freud. And he's been reading a lot about this form of psychoanalysis, what we call it now. Which was then called psych-analysis. And he starts to use her as a sort of Litmus test for this talking cure.

She's very responsive. And she's very eager. And also very honest with it. So I think her honesty and her intelligence and her strength, and the fact that she is beautiful, I think intrigues him and puts him off balance really.

Michael Fassbender also talks about Otto Gross. Working with director David Cronenberg. Fellow actor Viggo Mortensen as Freud. Working with actress Keira Knightley. He talks about lust, jealousy and egos. The costume of Carl Jung. And Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud overcoming egos.

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