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My Week with Marilyn
Michelle Williams: My Week With Marilyn isn't a biopic

Michelle Williams: My Week With Marilyn isn't a biopic

Michelle Williams talks about her interpretation of Marilyn Monroe in the adaptation of the book My Week With Marilyn, by Colin Clark.

She talks about the connection with the script the very first time she read it. Right after reading it she started to prepare, because Michelle knew she needed all time she could get to prepare. She also talks about the things we don't know for certain. "Her voice, for example. The voice that you come to associate with Marilyn. Her voice in the movies. That's not her voice. From all the reading and all the research that I did. That was character that she developed. It was something that she put on." So Michelle Williams imagined what she'd really talk like when she wasn't playing the character Marilyn Monroe.

She also talks about growing up with a picture of Monroe above her bed. But not a sexual one. An approachable one. And there wasn't a barrier for Michelle to break down.

She also talks about how the movie is a fairytale. A week of her in the life of someone else. The movie isn't a biopic.

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