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Boardwalk Empire
On the set of Boardwalk Empire

On the set of Boardwalk Empire

The main theme of season two is family. What is it. What is it not. How far will one go to protect it.

Boardwalk Empire: Invitation to the Set.

Terence Winter (creator/ executive producer): The new season starts in 1921, a couple of months later from where we left everybody off. The Jimmy, Eli, Commodore conspiracy against Nucky is sort of our main storyline this season. We've got Jimmy really caught between two dads. His actual father, the Commodore. And his surrogate father in Nucky.

I think throughout season two we start to learn a lot more about Margaret. And even learn things that start to question who Margaret was in season one.

Van Alden's entire life is a big series of renationalisations. He struggles to maintain his morality. But he's also got to balance that with the consequences of his actions. In New York City we continue to track the rise of Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky. But they still under the something of Arnold Rothstein. And that causes some friction in New York. In Chicago we'll continue to track Capone's rise, when he's starting his ascent.

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