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Oscar Isaac as Standard in Drive

Oscar Isaac as Standard in Drive

Oscar Isaac: It's definitely been one of the most collaborative experiences I've ever had on a film. It's pretty amazing. It's completely unique. Something that's done with real integrity.

Marc Platt: Oscar Isaac is a rising star in Hollywood. He's so intense and so charismatic that when he's on screen you are drawn to him.

Oscar Isaac: Originally he was written as this career criminal, in and out of prison. And that didn't really appeal to me as much. And it didn't appeal to Nicolas as much either. And one of the things that is really cool that Nicolas says whenever we're working on something. On a scene in particular, he says: if the scene could be anything you wanted it to be, what would that be? I'm like, uh, anything?

Oscar found layers to the standard character with Nicolas, that I don't think any of us thought were possible. He's someone that just made some wrong decisions in his life. And ended up in a bad place. And we ended up finding that story much more compelling. He brings a complexity to a role that could otherwise just be a bad guy. He's a good guy, but he's fiercely proud and protective in his own way of his wife and kid.

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