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Happy Feet Two
Pink (Alecia Moore) on Gloria and the music in Happy Feet 2

Pink (Alecia Moore) on Gloria and the music in Happy Feet 2

Alecia Moore, aka Pink, talks about her role in Happy Feet 2

"When George first asked me to do the voice of Gloria, I thought he was joking." She was very excited to do it. One song would've been enough, Alecia says. "You just instantly fall in love with George."

On her character Gloria: "Gloria is very mama-bear. She does. She loves her man. She loves her kids. She's exactly what I hope to be between my man and my child." And she loves that she speaks through song.

She talks about the fight between Eric and Mumble and Gloria's role in this. Because she's trapped, she has to use song to speak. Alecia Moore was asked to write a song. And she thought "I can't do this. And then I went into the studio with Billy Mann and we just thought, we have to write the best song that we have ever written in our entire world. But let's not take it too seriously." But after getting over the pressure, they just asked themselves, how to comfort someone.

Alecia also talks about the voice-over work and seeing Matt Damon and Brad Pitt acting without shame on her first day.

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