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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Rupert Grint talks about playing Ron Weasley in Harry Potter 7 Part 2

Rupert Grint talks about playing Ron Weasley in Harry Potter 7 Part 2

How do you think Ron has developed as a character over the films?

Yeah, I think it has been a very long journey really, for all the characters. For Ron I think he's gone through quite a big change really. It's only in these last few films where we've kind of seen him... I think he always struggled to find his place in life. Where he was always kind of overshadowed by his brothers and of course Harry as well. Yeah, he's always struggled to find who he is and I think in the last three he kind of had a real self-discovery really and he has really come into his own. And although in Part 1 he was quite paranoid all the time and quite angry in this film he does kind of start thinking like... we all become these kind of soldiers. Because it's effectively this big war. And he had some good ideas, which is unusual for him. And yeah, he gets the girl. So it's been a long time building up to that, but it's a nice moment in the end.

What's going through Ron's mind in the scene on the stairs with Harry?

It's a very direct moment. We probably knew it was gonna come to this. And this whole journey they've been through. They've been together, this really tight unit. And suddenly Harry has to sacrifice himself and he's so prepared to die for everyone and it's a quite emotional moment for all the characters. Because it's just realizing that they're about to loose their best friend and it's a big moment.

Do you remember your first day on the set of the first film?

It's something that I've been thinking about a lot recently. And I think looking back at that first day, where it was such a sudden life change. One moment I was in school like every other normal kid. And I'm a big fan of Harry Potter. And suddenly I'm living it. It was such absolute dream. It was a real adjustment for my whole family really. Because it was just this whole new world. And being on that film set was just such an exciting time and I remember it very clearly, yeah.

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