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The Descendants
Scottie is upset in The Descendants

Scottie is upset in The Descendants

Scene from The Descendants with Amara Miller playing Scottie King and George Clooney as father Matt King talking by the swimming pool.

Matt King: Scottie, hey, Scottie, Scottie! Hey, listen. Don't pay any attention to that guy. That guy's a dope.

Scottie King: I hate him.

Yeah, I know. Hey, let's do something crazy. Alright. Let's drive over to the airport. We'll hop over to the big island and we'll surprise your sister. What do you say?

Right now?

Yeah, it'll be fun. She's not expecting us. And we can bring her home. I think she should be here with us, don't you? Don't you miss her? I miss her.

Yeah, I mean I'm not at school. She should be too.

There you go. Okay, let's go. Come on!

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