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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Severus Snape: Good or Bad?

Severus Snape: Good or Bad?

It has come to my attention, that earlier this evening Harry Potter was sighted in Hogsmeade. Potter! No one is ever sure whether Snape is on the good side or on the bad side. Should anyone tempt to aid mister Potter, they will be punished. Snape has always hated Harry. There's a huge amount of anger between them. If anyone in here has any knowledge of mister Potter's movements. He just vanished! I invite them to step forward. Now!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: The Story of Snape

The Snape story is much more complicated than we might imagine. The line between good and bad is often more complex than it appears. All my characters are floored. I don't think we have a single holy good or holy bad person, with the exception of Voldemort. And Snape is not lovely guy. I was beginning to worry you had lost your way. Come, we've saved you a seat. You always knew there was an agenda. It was a question of what was that agenda going to turn out to be. It will happen Saturday next, at nightfall. Dumbledore has always told Harry that he should trust Snape. But there was never any evidence on Snape's behave that would make one want to trust him. He was responsible for the death of Dumbledore. Is the stakes get higher, the more he has to step into muddier and muddier waters. There is no one more powerful. It answers to you and you only.

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