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The Hangover Part II
The Hangover 2 Ken Jeong

The Hangover 2 Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong: Yeah, I was talking to Todd about this. I think our theory is that he loves to laugh. And like in the first movie he says "Haha, fat boy fall down face funny!", you know, "It's funny cause he's fat!". That, honestly. His sense of humor kind of softens his psychotic killer edge. So he's not completely Travis Pickle or whatever. So that's kind of his saving grace and you really see that in this movie.

That's the beauty of doing comedy. It's such a collaborative process. And it's great when you have a guy like Todd, who runs a steady ship and you can trust him. And be like: let's work this out. What do you think about this and this. Let's try this and boom, we got it.

These guys are family to me, you know. So for everybody, Todd, Bradley, Ed, Zach to be so famous and to get all the recognition they deserve, I couldn't be happier. It's one of those things where everybody loves each other. And just to do another film again is the best thing in the world man.

He's just a great role model to aspire to. He just has this sensibility about him. You can't duplicate, you can't force, you can't teach what Zach does. And having that opportunity seeing him again and working with him again, I just love him. It's a great education for me. It's like, ok, this is how the best people work.

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