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The Woman in Black
Why does the ghost to haunt in The Woman in Black?

Why does the ghost to haunt in The Woman in Black?

Creating A Classic Ghost Story - The Woman in Black

The story of The Woman in Black, it's the story of a haunting. It's a ghost-story. But it's far more than spooks a shivers.

Screenwriter Jane Goldman: It's got every element you would want from a traditional ghost-story. It's got a spooky house. It's got a very interesting protagonist. It's got an absolutely terrifying ghost.

Author Susan Hill: There's gonna be a reason for the ghost to haunt. The reason she keeps haunting this place and causing certain things to happen, is because she wants revenge for something that happened to her.

Daniel Radcliffe: She's somebody that can appear anywhere at any time. She's always present, never there.

Director James Watkins: It's about what's in the corner of the eye. What you can't quite see. We're shooting this in a very harsh black contrasty way. See it's just constantly peering into the darkness.

The filmmakers also talk about the horror story.

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