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The Dictator
You are HIV-Aladeen. The Dictator

You are HIV-Aladeen. The Dictator

Clip from the beginning of Sacha Baron Cohen's film The Dictator.

Tensions are rising, as the standoff between the world community and the rogue West-African nation of Wadiya intensified today. As UN weapon inspectors were once again refused access to the country by Wadiyan leader Admiral General Aladeen.

Barack Obama: I will take no options off the table. And I mean what I say.

Tonight we ask: who is general Aladeen? According to Wadiyan propaganda, Efawadh Aladeen was born in 1973. He did not know his mother, who died in childbirth. The only son of the savage dictator Omar Aladeen, he gained power at the age of 7. Often described as ignored, he changed over 300 Wadiyan words to Aladeen, including the words positive and negative, causing mass confusion.

Do you want the Aladeen news or the Aladeen news? The Aladeen news. You are HIV-Aladeen.

Eccentric and with unlimited oil wealth, he recently hosted his own Olympic games.

Get set. General Aladeen shoots all his competitors.

At which he won 14 gold medals.

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