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The Ides of March
You're working for the wrong man. The Ides of March

You're working for the wrong man. The Ides of March

George Clooney and Ryan Gosling star in this new Ides of March trailer.

You okay? We're gonna be fine. We have to do it. It's the right thing to do. And nothing bad happens when you're doing the right thing. Is this your personal theory? Because I can shoot holes in it. Well, there's exceptions to every rule.

Who is this? Tom Duffy, you got a couple of minutes? I'd like to sit down with you. I can't be talking to you. You got something the other guys don't have. You exude something. You draw people in.

You're the big man on campus. I'm just a lowly intern. What time you gotta work tomorrow? 9am. I thought I was being smooth and subtle. No, you're pretty forward. You have any idea how to tie a tie? No, no, not a clue.

Hey, you got the best media mind in the country. All reporters love you. If your boy wins, you get a job in the white house. He loses, you're back at a consulting firm. I've worked on more campaigns than most people have by the time they're 40. He's the only one that's actually gonna make a difference in people's lives. Either we're gonna lead the world, or we're gonna berry our heads in the sand. Your my brain trust. So how are we doing?

What do you think Stevie? I think it's ours for the taking. You're working for the wrong man. I want you to work for us. Paul's my friend. There's only one thing I value in this world and that's loyalty. Without it, you're nothing. You wanna work for the friend. Or you wanna work for the president? I don't have to play dirty anymore. I got Morris.

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