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Warner Bros. Plan to Adapt Mischa Rozema's short film 'Sundays'

Warner Bros. Plan to Adapt Mischa Rozema's short film 'Sundays'

Warner Bros. have won the rights to adapt Mischa Rozema's short movie 'Sundays' into a feature film.

The short came about when Jairo Alvarado from Circle of Confusion saw one of Rozema’s ads and located him in Amsterdam. When Rozema pitched him 'Sundays' as a potential film, Alvarado instead suggested a team up with mega-agency UTA and a Kickstarter campaign to secure the $50,000 to make the short, which Rozema then worked on with his company, PostPanic. With the short film hitting the web earlier this week, a number of the studios began trying to secure the rights to it and Rozema’s services for a feature length version, with Warner Bros. winning out over Sony and Fox.

This technique seems to be a popular trend in the industry now. Recently, Dracula Untold’s Gary Shore got his start in the industry that way, after making a short film that was later devolped into a feature and the same can be said for Patrick Jean’s Pixels, after he made his video game-referencing short.

Rozema's short film 'Sundays' can be watched in full above.

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