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Disney CEO Bob Iger says Rated R Marvel movies not in plans

Will it die out?

ChrisChavez ChrisChavez Friday Captain America Civil War will be released around the world to countless comic book fans such as my self. Tickets have been preordered and the prediction in how this movie shapes up the rest of the MCU has begun. In every generation a new genre of movies come and go leaving it's lasting mark on cinema. With our generation being labeled as the spandex era, we find our selfs asking the question...when will it die out? As kids, we were raised with on these characters. Not only did these books capture our imagination but it also made an everlasting impression on our parents. Captain America graced our presents with his first ever appearance in a comic, dated all the way to December 20th 1940. Tony Stark made his first appearance in Tales of Suspense in 1963. These legiondary icons, have had a shelf life as long as classic text books that university's require. Stan Lee, Jack Kirby are just two of a handful of people that created these characters that rival any shakespeare cast list. We are reminded that man can fly, that being different doesn't mean that we should prosecute someone for the fear of the unknown. We are reminded to dream and to use the most important tool that we posses..our imagination. Watching these characters jump from the comic book panels and onto my living room T.V. screen is beyond words. Look how much attention Deadpool has received once we gout our first set photo. Even your grumpy parents have smirked and the wise cracking Spiderman from time to time. These characters and stories take us back to a memory where we wanted to be that hero. Where we wanted to see what happened next week to Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker. How would they ever get out of the situations that they found themselves in? I know one day we might move onto another genre of movies, but until then I am glad that all of these characters and stories will be told. So bring me my yellow and blue spandex with the red and black X symbol and lets embrace the past, present and future of comic book movies.

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