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A Monster in Paris Review - Unexpected friendships

Ritapirouette Ritapirouette Today is Halloween, as almost everyone knows (except my grandma, I don't know why) and it's usual in my home country, that the TV networks screen Halloween movies all afternoon. Today they screened a movie that I never had seen in my life but I adored. The movie was called "A Monster in Paris" (Original name: "Un Monster a Paris").

This movie was initially made in French, but right after was re-dubbed by English-speaking performers including Adam Goldberg/Gad Elmaleh (Raoul), Mattew G├ęczy/Bruno Salomone (Albert) and Sean Lennon/Matthieu Cedid (Francoeur). And since it was impossible to replace the angelic voice of Vanessa Paradis (or at least it shouldn't be able to), she plays the lead female, bilingually, in both versions.

For starters, the movie is 3 years old, being released on October 12, 2011, with a new take on monsters. It's not new, but the message it brings to the viewers is, so on point for today's beauty obsessed society.

The story begins In Paris, during the great flood of 1910 and revolves around two friends that accidentally, after ignoring explicit warnings by a botanic professor given by a monkey (with his own business cards) begin a journey that will change their lives.

I won't spoil this amazing movie, but in short the moral of the story is that it doesn't matter what you look like, it's your voice that's important. If you show your true colors to someone they will be there for you. It is friendship and love in its raw form. Even we are capable to be friends with a monster. Even though the story itself is beautiful, the atmosphere of a 20th century Paris is breathtaking.

With its beautiful soundtrack and a meaningful moral, this movie is a must see for all ages.

IMDB: 6.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 85%

Director: Bibo Bergeron

Music composed by: Matthieu Chedid, Sean Lennon, Patrice Renson


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Ritapirouette Ritapirouette

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