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Dr. Edwards in The Knick

André Holland is leading the second episode of The Knick as Dr. Algernon Edwards (S01E02)

burnsting burnsting Editor-in-chief André Holland is proving to be one of the more interesting characters as Dr. Algernon Edwards on the new Cinemax (HBO) series The Knick so far, in the latest episode 'Mr. Paris Shoes.'

André Holland as Dr. Algernon Edwards having a conversation
André Holland as Dr. Algernon Edwards having a conversation about his shoes

Dr. Edwards

Dr. Edwards is standing in line for the bathroom at his residence. As a black man, he lives in a neighborhood no white person wants to set foot in. But he dresses just like all the other doctors, probably better..

A big man standing behind him notices his shoes. 'Those sure are some nice shoes,' he says. 'Some kind of fancy leather. Must've cost you heavy.'

The guy assumes he thinks he's better than him. And they will meet again later in the episode.

At work things aren't any better. Dr. Thackery and his colleagues still don't take him seriously at all. And all his treatments are shrugged off as nonsense.

Dr. Algernon Edwards getting racist comments in The Knick
Dr. Algernon Edwards getting racist comments in The Knick

Dr. Thackery

It all makes for a solid followup of the pilot episode. Especially since there isn't that much backstory for Dr. Thackery (Clive Owen) yet. He's a douche, for sure, but there's not much going on with him except operating and his recurring daemons — drugs and going to a whorehouse as it seems.

We get a bit of backstory on how he was taught by Dr. Christenson, who killed himself in the previous episode. And he is developing a liking for the nurse who found him with drug withdrawals in his bed previously.

Dr. Thackery lectures Lucy (Eve Hewson) in The Knick


What's great about this show is how timeless it feels. With the handheld cameras and the offbeat music, and very little scenes on the streets with dozens of people in costume. It's a show that very much stands on its own in its direction.

Show's development

What I'm wondering though is, where is this all going? Are we just following these characters in an interesting time period. Doing (and failing) their operations. Seeing the politics that are involved of running this hospital. Or will there be a main story arc that's still developing?

If it's not coming, this show might have a hard time to keep its viewers coming back for more every week. Because, like it is now, there's not much urge to come back to see what happens every episode, other than what happens to Mr. Paris Shoes...

Algernon snaps, electricity is not working and Barrow loses a tooth. The Knick S01E02
Masked woman in The Knick. S01E03 sneak peak

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