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The Knick

Full trailer for Clive Owen and Steven Soderbergh's The Knic Beautiful Teaser for 'The Knick Season 2' Which Returns Octo Dr. Thackery and his white shoes are back in The Knick Seaso Algernon snaps, electricity is not working and Barrow loses a tooth. The Knick S01E02 Who is Dr. Thackery (Clive Owen) in The Knick? The Knick S01E03 piano music - The Busy Flea Masked woman in The Knick. S01E03 sneak peak Dr. Thackery lectures Lucy (Eve Hewson) in The Knick I expect these things. André Holland in The Knick Dr. Algernon Edwards getting racist comments in The Knick White shoes, The Knick André Holland as Dr. Algernon Edwards having a conversation Jeremy Bobb as head of the hospital in The Knick Cornelia Robertson in The Knick Dr. Edwards in The Knick Jeremy Bobb as Herman Barrow, close-up Ambulance drivers in The Knick David Fierro as Inspector Jacob Speight in The Knick Dr. Thackery - The Knick André Holland and Clive Owen working in the basement in The Dr. John W. Thackery and a patient The operating theater in The Knick Matt Frewer in The Knick ready to operate Clive Owen looking disturbed on the street Clive Owen close-up in The Knick Andre Holland in The Knick Clive Owen posing as Dr. John W. Thackery Clive Owen and some drugs, The Knick Just stealing some patients. The Knick Clive Owen needs assistance, having drug withdrawals Clive Owen in whorehouse in The Knick Clive Owen angry in The Knick Michael Angarano as Bertie Juliet Rylance as Cornelia Robertson André Holland as Dr. Algernon Edwards in The Knick Clive Owen in a dark place Bloody hands, The Knick poster Clive Owen, hands up like a doctor in the theater The nurse in The Knick Eric Johnson as Dr. Everett Gallinger in The Knick Delivering dead new patients - Chris Sullivan and Jeremy Bob The Knick S01E02 music preview Smoking nun, The Knick Getting patients using baseball bats in The Knick The Knick bloody face poster Clive Owen experimenting as  Doctor John W. Thackery Dr. John W. Thackery decides the funeral of his colleague is a good place for a speech Clive Owen and André Holland discuss his skin color in The Dr. John W. Thackery operates on a pig in The Knick Clive Owen in a Chinese whorehouse or something Clive Owen, Michael Angarano, a nurse and a nun operate on a The doctors in The Knickerbocker hospital The cast talks about the story and medical science of The Knick My circus tent in no place for a proper girl. Upcoming in Th Steven Soderbergh working on The Knick Matt Frewer and Clive Owen getting ready to operate in The K Clive Owen inspecting bones in The Knick Trailer: The Knick Season 1 Steven Soderbergh not done yet, directs Clive Owen in The Knick (TV)