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Cook your samples. Destroy everything. Contagion Matt Damon is told his wife died in Contagion Gwyneth Paltrow gets infected in Contagion The truth about this virus is being kept from the world. Contagion I'm sorry. Your wife is dead. Contagion Marion Cotillard traces the index patient in Contagion Infected Kate Winslet makes last call? Contagion Don't talk to anyone. Don't touch anyone. Contagion In three months it's a billion sick. Contagion It's figuring us out faster than we're figuring it out. Contagion Kate Winslet tracks down the man infected on the bus in Contagion One Touch Transmission. One Instant Infection. One Contact Contagion This is a biological weapon. Contagion How many people have died from this virus? Contagion It's mutating. Contagion It's mutated. Clearly we're not lucky. Contagion Make sure that nobody knows, until everybody knows. Contagion Jude Law on viruses, Soderbergh and his character in Contagion Kate Winslet on the script, Steven Soderbergh and her character in Contagion Woman coughs on Matt Damon in Contagion Alan Krumwiede explains to Dr. Gupta why the truth is being kept from the world in Contagion Laurence Fishburne on his character CDC deputy director Ellis Cheever in Contagion Matt Damon on his character, the supervirus and his fellow actors in Contagion People start a riot when the military runs out of supplies in Contagion Jude Law says bloggers are journalists and this is a biological weapon. Contagion In 72 hours, it kills everything. Contagion Matt Damon talks about playing a dad who has to protect his daughter in Contagion Matt Damon in quarantine in Contagion Laurence Fishburne and Kate Winslet discuss their strategy in Contagion Laurence Fishburne talks about the secret weapon, being the ringmaster and Kate Winslet in Contagion Jennifer Ehle on her character Ally Hextall, germs and Laurence Fishburne in Contagion