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Kate Winslet on the script, Steven Soderbergh and her character in Contagion

Kate Winslet on the script, Steven Soderbergh and her character in Contagion

Kate Winslet: Well, first of all, Scott Burns is an incredibly gifted screenwriter. And what is so clever I think, about the script, aside from the multiple characters and multiple sort of storylines, is that it's perfectly possible to follow the narrative from the word go. I never felt confused by anything at all. And I knew exactly what every character was doing. And he also is extremely adept at including the science, but never overwhelming the audience with that science. So it doesn't become intimidating or something that you feel you just have to sort of tune out at a certain point, because you don't understand.

Yeah, these individuals, these medical professionals. They are send out into sometimes urban areas, or third world countries, or war zones. When there has been an unexpected outbreak of a new virus. And their job is to find the pathogen of that virus and therefor develop a vaccine and a program of protection basically. For people to prevent themselves from getting that disease. And that is the job that she does.

I feel like I really got lucky, you know. They invited me along to play this wonderful character, Erin Mears. And it's been a great time that I've had. I mean, I've really only had about ten days of shooting. And every single one of them I've just loved. And I've really learned a lot too actually. I've learned a lot from Steven Soderbergh. I really hope that I always keep learning in this way, because it keeps everything fresh and different and it's why I love this job.

He works in a very different way, Steven to a lot of directors that I've worked with in the past. He knows exactly what he needs and what he wants. Sort of editing visually in his head all the time. And what that means for the actors is that you're able to bring something concise to the table. And have it not be exhausted. He works in a really efficient way. So not many takes. Wrapping really, really early. Which is just a revelation to me. Because that's not normally the time of gig that I end up signing up for. So it's been really just a wonderful experience. Very, very collaborative, which I love. And he runs a very tight, but sort of low key ship and great technicians, what an incredible group of people who just are so lovely to see every day. And it's been a really great job.

Kate Winslet also talks about researching her role.

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