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Jude Law on viruses, Soderbergh and his character in Contagion

Jude Law on viruses, Soderbergh and his character in Contagion

Jude Law: He's a campaigner for I think, freedom of speech. But also for conspiracy theories. And unfortunately I think sometimes his ego and his pride get in the way of his convictions.

I think he has an inbuilt reaction to government backed vaccinations programs and government backed research. He has a cynical view of the sort of legal process and the governmental process behind investigation on medical issues. So that often I think leads him generally into areas of alternatives. And then embrace the alternatives and watching them be covered up. Where he's very interesting to this story is, is that he actually does get the lead on everyone else. He sees something before everyone else. And therefor has the run on them for quite a while.

I have wanted to work with Mr. Soderbergh for many years. And it has been a really terrific experience. He brings incredible composure and confidence and fun to a set. And he has a very unique process, because he's also looking as a DP and an operator. He has a very beautiful and very intimate way of then choosing his shots and I felt that absolutely intensified the relationship that a director has with an actor. Where they are viewing you absolutely in the moment.

The overriding impression I got from all of the experts on this, was that it was a matter of when. Not if. And I suppose if you step back and just look at it historically, these things have happened in the past and not that long ago. We've had little scares in the last few years. And it seems absolutely plausible. In fact more so now, because of travel increase. International travel increase. And therefor the ability for bugs, viruses, whatever it may be, to get onto planes and travel halfway around the world.

I imagine it's gonna be incredibly thrilling. I think it's gonna be shocking. I think it's gonna be dramatic. I think it's gonna be upsetting. I think it's gonna be educational. And informative.

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