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DCEU v MCU: Opinion Piece

GeorgeTaylor GeorgeTaylor Without a doubt, the biggest cinematic battle in recent memory. Marvel has produced a smorgasbord of movies and generated eye-watering numbers at the box office, however, I really really do not like the MCU anymore; at all. DCEU (DC Extended Universe) is where I stand. This is my opinion on these two powerhouses of modern cinema, a comparison of the them and why I am now a fully-fledged DCEU fanatic.

Why I am sick & tired of the Marvel movies.

The main reason, without a doubt, is they are more or less all comedies with superheroes in them. I understand that the characters are like that, especially Tony Stark...don't get me started on him, but after a while the sheer amount of quips and one liners is bloody exhausting, boring, annoying and just a pain to listen to. It is like a night of improv with people dressed as Iron Man, Captain America, Falcon, Ant-Man etc; and I can not take it anymore. Age of Ultron, more like the week where Ultron did some stuff, is the worst case. I refuse to watch that movie ever again, as the one-liners fly thick and fast in that one. One thing I can not stand is how they do that during a huge battle, especially in Sokovia. Stop quipping! Your in a huge battle that if you do not win the Earth will be destroyed! Dialogue between them is fine, but the quips are so bloody annoying.

The Cast of the Avengers: Age of Ultron
The Cast of the Avengers: Age of Ultron

Although some Marvel films have comedy at its centre, Deadpool for example and maybe Guardians of The Galaxy, I have grown so tired of them. The gimmicks, the quips, there is no variety between them, they all look the same (in my opinion), I never feel a sense of dread or urgency, the soundtracks and scores are all pitifully awful, apart from Guardians of The Galaxy, although that just used landmark rock and pop songs that people knew, so I am going to discount that one & as I sit here writing this opinion piece, I am struggling to recount any real stand out scenes that really stick in my head, for character development, action or anything else. The only one is the battle of NY in the first Avengers or some of the Winter Soldiers scenes, apart from that, I am struggling. I used to love the Marvel movies, now that I have grown up and DC are posting more movies recently, I have very quickly jumped sides from the kiddy-comical-bland Marvel movies to the dark-interesting-aggressive-thrilling DC movies side; and I love it here.

DC. Has had a lot of hate & negative reception, but they have Marvel on the ropes in some areas.

Aaah the DCEU, you are a great thing. Obviously there have been some fairly shocking ones, Green Lantern and others, but the most recent releases, oh my. I loved Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; gritty, dark, brooding, aggressive and just different to the churned out, comedic annoyances that are the majority of the Marvel movies. I admit the DC movies so far have had narrative and story issues, but that does not take away from the areas that these movies truly have the Marvel movies looking mediocre. Here are the areas that I think, my opinion I will iterate, that the DC is beating Marvel.

The Scores / Music

Marvel on the other hand, I can only recall two great soundtracks being Deadpool and Guardians of The Galaxy, in terms of score, the Avengers score is alright; mediocre frankly. Then there is DC's and good lord they are good. The music created for DC's current and upcoming movies are brilliant. The Wonder Women theme is by far one of the best scores to grace a superhero movie since they became the landmark of modern cinema and that is the landmark score so far. As soon as it starts, you feel such a surge of excitement and adrenaline, it is just brilliant brilliant and again brilliant.

Epic new shot of Wonder Woman
Epic new shot of Wonder Woman

There was also 'Flight' by Hans Zimmer for Man of Steel, gives me chills every time I hear it. It is such a powerful and emotional song. Encapsulating the wonder of Superman, his strength, the idea of what Superman can bring and be as a symbol for mankind. Then we look towards Suicide Squad, which is going down more of a soundtrack route, though some of the songs have been created specifically for the movie so may be considered as a score also. The first three songs released for this much anticipated movie capture the feel movie perfectly already, and that is what those who work in the DCEU do so much better than Marvel, is capture the feel, characters and environment with the scores and soundtracks. Marvel may of had two good ones, but DC has provided epic scores and soundtracks to its most recent and upcoming movies. I can not wait to hear more. Point to DC.

The tone and feel.

Two of the most recent major DC releases have been helmed by Zach Snyder, a wonderful modern day director. His films are always beautiful to watch and are always exciting and different, unlike Marvel. It seems to me that they are all very bland, in the sense that is not much distinction between them, cinematography wise, visually, sound etc. The different approach done by DC is one that I really really hope they stick with, as it acts a clear differentiator between these two cinematic universes.

Zack Snyder directs Batman
Zack Snyder directs Batman

In a world with superhero movies, Marvel's movies, visually, are all the same to me, there is no real stand out one visually, Guardians of The Galaxy perhaps, whereas with the past two major DC ones every scene just looks and feels brilliant. Though some critics think its too dark and lifeless, I say shut up. Its different yeah, but thats good. And I hope that DC keep this look and feel up, and judging by the trailers for the next three major DC movies, it looks as if they are. Great news.


Batman at the warehouse. There, done. Bones breaking, bullets flying, bodies slammed into the floor, knives into flesh, grenades going off, ruthless Batman punches etc. It is brilliant. Batman V Superman, the fight, again, brutal and savage. Brilliant. Man of Steel, Smallville fight and Metropolis, again, brutal, devastating and aggressive. I love it. In my opinion, DC's action is better than that of Marvels. Marvel do have some good fights, first Avengers is good, Winter Soldier..and thats about it. And looking ahead to Wonder Women and Suicide Squad, it looks as though this action masterclass is going to continue. Bring it on.


Doomsday. Good lord. Zod as well, really did hammer Superman at times, & looking way back the Joker in Nolans' Batman series, the villains by DC, so far, have been brilliant.

Doomsday in Batman v Superman
Doomsday in Batman v Superman

Doomsday was such a formidable force on screen. Once he is born, and starts pummelling Superman and creating earth shattering shockwaves, it is just brilliant. He i such a force it is scary in itself. Then there are Marvels villains. Apart from Loki, there has not been one other good villain. In my opinion, Doomsday on his own trumps Loki and all the others.

Summary and final points.

Marvel, move aside, DC is coming for you. I had previously written a piece titled 'DC and Marvel, possible turn in the tide ahead?', where I wrote that given Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad are coming out, Marvel may be under threat. Did not really happen, as BvS did not do too well with critics, but was still a success in theatres. However, the tide WILL shift soon. Just look at what DC has got lined up. Wonder Women, Suicide Squad and the Justice League. All look wonderful, dark, gritty, aggressive and true to DC's formula. Whilst Marvel will continue to churn out irritating, one liner filled, kiddy superhero flicks, I am going to stick to DC, as have been bored rigid with Marvels bloody annoying movies.

One thing I hope does not happen is that DC buckles and makes their movies more 'fun and happy', pardon my language but fuck that. Please DC, stick to the gritty, dark, brooding, exciting and different superhero movies that you make. They are wonderful and I love home, and I can not wait to see the upcoming releases. In a nutshell, I would sum them up as; Marvel, the kids superhero movies with quips and one liners throughout. DC, the grown ups, dark, violent and exciting alternative to the children's tea party that is Marvel movies.

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