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GoT: Se. 7 Ep. 3: The Queen's Justice; Review

GeorgeTaylor GeorgeTaylor The Queen's Justice ramps up the stakes and dangers of the current season of Thrones. (No major spoilers)

The good.

Daenerys and Snow meet for the first time, and it is brilliant. A well balanced written scene. Handling past occurrences, tension, counter ideas and beliefs and comedy also. The introduction of Daenerys by her helpers compared to the introduction of Snow by Davos was hugely amusing. It goes without saying, and to be honest I will stop saying it as I do so it every time, in that the production, acting, cinematography and so on, is brilliant. I have to say, I particularly enjoyed the theme within their meeting. Being the need to set aside their own ambitions and past doings in order to focus upon the bigger picture and bigger threat; the Knight King and the Army of The Dead.

Kingslanding & Euron

Euron returned with his present to the Queen, and it is fair to say that Euron is quickly establishing himself as someone who you do not want to mess with. But for entertainments sake, I hope many people do. It is also no secret that Cersei is also someone that you do not want to mess with, and that was again cemented with a stellar scene with her in the dungeons with her presents from Euron. It is always great to see Cersei be dealt a large portion of screen time.


We got to witness the birth of the true, hand-to-hand, bloody combat between Cersei's forces and Daenery's; Lannister army vs. The Unsullied. Though it was somewhat short, but well edited together, it was great to finally see some real combat. And it was brilliant. Seeing these two forces finally clashing and igniting the war between these two people is wonderful to see. Grey Worm, seeing him in the field and leading his troops was brilliant, and it is fair to say, he won the award for biggest badass during this select sequence.

Ending of the episode

It is AMAZING. No spoilers obviously, but I would say with confidence that it was one of the best scenes and dialogue between just two characters that the entire series has seen. It wraps up a lot of loose ends and in-the-air questions some people may have had, and it is oh-satisfying to see it unfold. A landmark scene for the series.

The bad

It is slightly frustrating to see all of Daenerys' plans be, well, crapped on. In the episode before we say Euron destroy a large portion of her fleet and take captive several big names. In this episode, again, her plan seems to work out or be going well, but to encounter a large obstacle afterwards and for it to transpire that in fact that particular plan is A: ruined B: made a lot of problems for Daenery's and C: just plain failed in the grand scheme of things. Although, it is quite good as well to see that Cersei is not going to be as easily dismounted from the Iron Throne as Daenery's and her helpers previously thought. So in that respect, I can see why the show creators and writers are doing this, but I do hope to see Daenery's deal a truly devastating blow to the Lannister armies and Cersei's arrogance and attitude.


Another very strong episode. Good action, epic ending, interesting character arks as well (but obviously, those where not mentioned as I do not want to spoil anything) and another chess piece arranged, ready for an all out war that I can not wait to see.

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