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Daenery's and Drogon.

GoT: Se. 7 Ep. 7; The Dragon and The Wolf; Review

GeorgeTaylor GeorgeTaylor Game of Thrones has finished for another season. AND IT WAS INCREDBIIIIIILEEEE!!...okay, i'm good now. Ish... (No spoilers within)

Satisfying, Jaw-Dropping, Twisting and Incredible

There is a lot to cover, and a lot of information to cover. So this will be short and snippy. It was incredible. Given that it was a season finale, there were not too many major character deaths. Although when the deaths do occur, my god it was satisfying. As usual, the shots and design was top of notch. Some of the shots were utterly beautiful. There was not a single scene or moment that went to waste.

Mind-Blowing Scenes

Within this episode there is ALOT of plot details and linkages made to past events, all of which is fantastic, as it settles many long-standing debates and questions. But they were helmed so well, and edited so well, that they did not feel gimmicky or out of place or not needed. They all served a purpose and will turn the final season of Game of Thrones into one of the best seasons of the show, and probably of a television series of all time.

Sansa, plotting at Winterfell
Sansa, plotting at Winterfell

There was so much goodness within this episode; seeing so many characters all back together and talking was great; Brienne and the Hound, Tyrion and Cersei, Bronn and Cersei and so on. The only slight downside I can think of is that there was not much action (which to be honest, I did not really care about) especially at the beginning, as there was a very large set piece being set up which came to nothing. Odd, but it did not detract from the overall episode. Also, a scene involving Theon on a beach and other Iron Island men felt quite forced, especially their turn of character and loyalty. Apart from that, I can not recall any other negative points in this episode.

Bran Stark in Winterfell
Bran Stark in Winterfell

Character and Scene Galore

A really satisfying character to see finally making some actual input into the Game of Thrones, was Bran Stark. I've always felt his character was slightly unused and slightly useless. Although earlier on in the season he did provide some usage, but in this episode he acts as the main foundation for more or less every single GIGANTIC and ENORMOUS and AMAZING plot-twist and episode moment. It was just brilliant. One in particular at Winterfell confirms some major plot details and questions from as far back as Season one episode one, and major points from within that season also. It was just so bloody satisfying to see the Stark sisters work together and with Bran, to deliver a scene that will go down in Thrones history.

There were so many amazing scenes, enhanced by excellent acting and dialogue. Cersei was particularly splendid, in her evil wit and calculating manor. She really was tested in this episode, sometimes she failed (in the context of the scene, not her acting) and other times she delivered a plot twisting hammer blow. Seeing her and Tyrion back together was particularly unnerving, but brilliant. Every single actor and character was on their A game here, and, as I say and have said a lot in this review, was just brilliant. The MAJOR scene and plot twist with Jon and Danny, and Bran technically, has shook the Game of Thrones community to its core and confirms many theories. It was, in my opinion, excellent. And so satisfying.

Jon and Tyrion at 'That' discussion
Jon and Tyrion at 'That' discussion

The ending 10 minutes or so, I would argue as being the most awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, terrifying and breath-taking sequence we have seen for a while. Daenerys burning the Lannister army and the battle in the penultimate episode were amazing too, but this is definitely up there with them. Seeing the Army of The Dead, I think for the first time, in more or less its full view (as in, seeing nearly the entire army) was incredible and spine-chilling and goose-bump inducing (as was most of the episode to be honest)

The season ends with a truly magnificent shot, and highlights the true danger and threat facing all of Westeros. It was jaw dropping (as mine firmly was). There was ALOT more within this episode that I have missed out, but I do not want to spoil any of it for anyone. You have to watch this episode, for it is truly magnificent.

Summary and Thank You

It was incredible. So satisfying. So amazing. So inspiring. So magnificent. We truly are witnessing one of the greatest 'things' EVER to be broadcast on television. And we should all appreciate it.

I would like to take a moment, and say thank you. If you have read all of my reviews, or just one of them, if you liked and retweeted them, I thank you so, so, so very much. It has been great fun to write these reviews weekly, and I hope you have enjoyed this, final one, for now. I will be back for Season 8 of course. Now, go enjoy the magnificence of Game of Thrones, season 7. It has been incredible. Thank you.

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