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IT (2017) Review

GeorgeTaylor GeorgeTaylor A psychologically shaking and bone-chilling, fear inducing movie about a demonic clown. So yeah, this was not frightening or scary at all...


Set in the 1980's, the film follows a small group of young children in a small town with ALOT of problems, all of which focus entirely upon children and fear. A particular strong element of this movie is the connection and amount that the viewer cares about the young children. They all have problems, be it from their past or current lives, fears (Which 'IT' feeds off of) and so on. I really grew to care about each character, even as new ones are added throughout. And it was great to follow their arcs, actions and characters grow and develop and bound together for the greater good.

The good

All of it. No faults that I can recall. The cinematography is exceptional. Direction is on-point. Acting, across the board, is excellent. This is particularly note worthy given the young cast and the material and circumstances that they face. The humour was not forced or unfunny, and added some very very very much needed light relief because, make no mistake, this movie is bloody scary.


This fu*&%ng clown...every single time he was on the screen...there was such a feeling of dread, impending doom and fear. The opening sequence really does not hold back, throwing you in at the deep end was actually quite good as it sets you up and prepares you for the rest. There are some scenes with him that are utterly terrifying, I found. In particular a scene in a garage...and to be honest every major set piece with him in was horrifying. But amazing. The actor who portrayed Pennywise did a truly outstanding job. If you have a fear or or hate clowns (like me) then maybe avoid this...but to be honest, this movie will likely go down in history for its scares and critical acclaim. I would go see it. It is very very good.


There were some scenes were, I do not know if it was just me, but the director or editor did a trick with the camera or something, were it look as though the whole screen was warping and moving at the edges. It added to the scene currently on the screen brilliantly, and it did look like some form of camera trick which I thought was excellent.


Terrifying. Brilliantly filmed and made. Acting was superb. Pennywise was excellently portrayed. Every aspect of it was golden. Well worth a watch.


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