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Mother and Son in The Babadook

Review; The Babadook.

GeorgeTaylor GeorgeTaylor To many people this movie may of passed under their radar. However, this movie is quite possibly the scariest movie to be released in recent years.

The Babadook is the story of a widowed mother and her young son, who suffers from behavioural problems, and is directed by Jennifer Kent. One evening her young son asks his mother, played by Essie Davis, to read a bedtime story entitled 'Mister Babadook'. Following this reading of the book the entity begins to make itself known, and the young child and mother are tormented by this unknown being. Not wanting to divulge too much of the movies plot in order to avoid spoiling it, but over time the entity becomes more and more apparent and causes havoc in their lives.

why its the scariest movie in recent years.

This movie represents and showcases how horror movies should be done. Many many horror movies rely far too heavily on jump scares, an old and outdated form of scare although still effective when used correctly. The issue is that many movies use them in false occasions; either a friend grabbing someones shoulder, or an animal running across frame for example. These false jump scares are usually always accompanied by a sudden loud burst of music, falsifying the scare even more. A film that utilises jump scares effectively is The Conjuring by James Wan (one of my all time favourite movies). Where jumps scares are utilised in correct circumstances, revealing something unnerving and are usually never accompanied with a sudden loud burst of music. In relation to The Babadook, there are no jump scares. Instead the scares are delivered by the truly unsettling nature of the movie, the entity and the psychological impact that it protrudes onto the viewer. The Babadook is a disturbing and terrifying film. The entity is never truly seen in its entirety, but that only adds to its impact of fear. It represents a dark look into depression and the affects of mourning and the toll they can take on some people. The cinematography and direction work in harmony to further enhance the increasing feeling of darkness and helplessness within the home and inside the characters. Essie Davis provides a truly astounding performance, that will stay with the viewer long after they have turned off their TV set.


The Babadook provides a movie monster that will unsettle the viewer to their very core and no matter what their age, will have them checking under their bed to make sure its safe. Further supported by the astounding performance by Essie Davis and direction of Jennifer Kent, The Babadook is a MUST SEE horror movie for those who want to be truly scared and be reduced to hiding under their bed covers and being fearful of turning off the lights at night.


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