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"The Magicians": A Thrilling Adventure

Ritapirouette Ritapirouette Based on the the trilogy "The Magicians" written by Lev Grossman, it follows the journey trough power and self-discovery of Quentin Coldwather when he realizes that his destiny is right next door, in a college of magic hidden in the heart of New York.

The book was so highly acclaimed that after FOX declined the production of the TV show based on the trilogy in 2011, Syfy chose to take a risk and let me say, it was well taken. The first episode fills you with such a sense of wonder and mystery in your heart that it's probably impossible for you not to like it.

Normally when you think of magic and the mystery behind it, you imagine all of the possibilities and the good of what you can do with it. Harry Potter and J. K. Rowling taught us that! That magic is special and powerful. But what if it's too powerful that it becomes an addiction, like a drug?

Quentin suffers from anxiety and in general he doesn't fit in this world, he never did. Since he met Julia, his best-friend, they found an unusual interest for magic but while growing up Julia left those childhood thoughts behind her contrary to Quentin, of which that interest became an obsession. What he finds, after doing an entrance exam for college (that will be known to be the magical college "Brakebills") in a decisive way to forget all of his wants, but he didn't knew how changed is life would became.

You will be more overwhelmed by the aesthetic of this magical world - Imagine Harry Potter meets Narnia... AMAZING! - than for its characters. Yes they are intriguing and you can relate to them, but I'm still afraid if the world around them will eat them alive, making us rethink our love for the characters. But I'm optimistic and you should be too. It's only the first episode, their's way more to come.

The pilot premiered on 16 December 2015 for a preview since the official season premiere is on 25 January 2016.

For now be impatiently waiting for the second episode. Don't forget to check the rest of the season of "The Magicians" January on Syfy, Mondays.


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