Johnny Depp: Ice Age 3 vs. Public Enemies

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It’s the 4th of July weekend. Two big movies where just released. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Public Enemies. But which should we pick?

I figured Johnny Depp is an honest guy and he would tell us if Public Enemies would suck and we should see Ice Age. So I went to visit him on Hollywood Boulevard.

Hollywood Blvd. July 1, 2009
Ice Age 3 vs. Public Enemies

“Hey guys, on Hollywood Boulevard and gonna check which movie Johnny Depp’s going to see.”

“Public Enemies or Ice Age 3?”

“Ouch! I would say Ice Age.”

What? Johnny Depp says Ice Age. Hmm, well, strangely there was another Johnny Depp there. Here’s what number two had to say.

“Public Enemies or Ice Age 3?”

“Well, if you want my opinion, I’d say Public Enemy.”

“Uhm, but I think Ice Age. The first two were pretty funny. Although Johnny Depp is a good actor. So it could be a tossup.”

“You are playing Johnny Depp, so shouldn’t you be rooting for Public Enemies?”

“He’s not a pirate right now. When he’s a pirate I’ll root for him.”

“What if he was a pirate in Public Enemies?”

“I would have to root for him.”

So number one kind of changed his mind. Turns out, number 2 isn’t into cartoons. But what if Ice Age was a drama?

“What if it was a drama? I’d still go for Public Enemy. It’s got to be much more better. ”

“What if Public Enemies was a cartoon?”

“I’d still go watch it.”

“Still! Why?”

“Because it’s about the 1930’s. When everybody was going around robbing banks. Interesting. Seems like we all have a bit of piracy in ourselves. Just depends on how you look at it.”

Number two makes a good point. The bank robbing John Dillinger actually kind off resembles a pirate. And number 1 would go to Public Enemies if there were pirates in it. BUT

“But you know there are pirates in Ice Age.”


“Yeah, T-Rex, he’s a pirate.”


Ok, enough of this! This way we never figure out which movie we should see. I knew I had to step up the game. And that’s when this guy walks by.

What would Jesus watch? Find out after the break.

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