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Cop Car, a great film with a disappointing ending

jackblake151 jackblake151 I have to say I have never had a love/hate relationship with a film before, but this film takes the top spot for that love/hate relationship. This is Cop Car.

The film stars Kevin Bacon as a cop whose car gets stolen by two ten year old runaway boys. They take the cop car and go on a wild joyride through the American country side. The film is a small independent film and there is hardly any action in this, just tons and tons of dialogue. Right now let's get down to the flaw. With flaw I mean the ending. Oh my god that ending! Never has an ending infuriated me so much. Oh wait, Inception had an ambiguous ending and that was frustrating, but this film takes ambiguous to a whole new level. I mean it's like the film chucks amazing dialogue at you and then immediately urinates on your chips with a disappointing ending.

Now the film is good, the acting by the ten year old boys are fantastic, they are definitely going places. I can see big things for them in the future, and Kevin Bacon is awesome as the cop determined to get his beloved cop car back. There are a few other characters in this film that are great too, like this one woman who gets a tad bit angry with the boys and debates whether or not to tell the police. I won't say what happens to her, but it's definitely unexpected.

Cop Car is a great movie, but sadly it's the ending that ruins it for me. If I had found out what happens with the two boys, then I would of been happier and I would give this film a higher score, but sadly due to the ending I can't. So I am giving this film a 8/10. Acting is great, the story is great, just the ending is a bit of a letdown. But nonetheless is a really good movie. Definitely check it out.


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jackblake151 jackblake151

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