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Stranger Things, A Proper 80s Homage

jackblake151 jackblake151 Yeah I know what your all thinking, this came out in July, I get that I had heard everyone go on about this show and I thought what the hell I'll give it a go, and boy was I in for treat this is stranger things.


Okay so we open up on four boys named Will, Lucas, Mike and Dustin all playing Dungeons and Dragons basically the game of the 80s this is the first 80s reference we get, anyway they leave and Will suddenly disappears without a trace the rest of the show is split in to 8 chapters all set to some creepy 80s synth music... yeah this show is chock full of 80s references and nostalgia, even the intro is like some old 80s sci-fi show, anywho things get weird we meet a girl called Eleven she has all these powers, she meets up with mike and the gang and kaboom!! Things get crazy there's a secret laboratory, some evil scientists and more 80s stars than you can hit with a rhythm stick... yeah I know that song came out in the 70s but it's close enough don't judge me.

The Cast

Oh boy we got some good cast members here guys, we have two 80s stars Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine, Winona Ryder plays the mum of Will and I have to say she is brilliant in this, she plays the part well don't forget Mathew Modine as Dr. Brenner, but enough about them lets move on to the real stars of the show, the kids now we don't see much of Will but the rest make the show happen they are incredible in this, but the one true greatest character in this show is Barb... now I can finally ask that question where's barb... first time I saw people asking that I thought a) whose Barb and b) where is she, trust me watch the series and you'll get that reference.

Shannon Purser as Barb
Shannon Purser as Barb


Oh without a shadow of a doubt 5/5 it has everything, a killer 80s soundtrack with hits like foreigner's waiting for a girl like you and Toto's belter of a track Africa, the cast is amazing the storyline is just brilliant, but let's not forget that season 1 cliffhanger what was up with that, with Will in the bathroom coughing up the slug what was that, ah well let's wait until season 2 which airs sometime in 2017 so looking forward to that. Here's a season 2 teaser trailer for ya enjoy.

Netflix teases Stranger Things season 2 (coming in 2017)
Soundtrack 10

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