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F. Gary Gray Expected to Direct 'Furious 8'

Fast & Furious 8 Director Talks About the Sequel

rodneyholley rodneyholley F. Gary Gray on landing the job and where the franchise is headed.

Furious 7 dominated the box office upon its release in 2015. With the franchise as strong as ever, director F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job, Straight Outta Compton) recently spoke about meeting with star and producer Vin Diesel before landing the gig. “[The meeting] was great. I went to [Vin’s] home and it was a reunion, cause I had already directed a movie with him earlier in my career, 15 years ago or so. We were both really excited to get back together and do it again. We talked about all of the Fast movies up to this point, and where could we go. I think he was really happy with the vision I have for the franchise and I was really happy about where he sees not only his character going but the franchise itself, because he’s a producer as well. So it was all love. Definitely all love.”

Gray previously directed Diesel in A Man Apart and was inclined not to give any story or plot ideas away saying, “I’m probably not at liberty to go too far into detail. All I have to say is I’m extremely excited about the direction we’re going in, and we’re really pushing to make sure the audience feels like it’s not more of the same. They feel like it’s fresh, they feel like the characters they’ve come to know and love are there, but this is gonna be different, and that’s probably the most I can give you right now.”

Furious 8 is scheduled to race into theaters on April 14, 2017.

Source: Collider

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