'Halloween' Sequel To Shoot This Fall; Jamie Lee Curtis and David Gordon Green Expected To Return


The Shape + Jamie Lee Curtis + Blumhouse financial model = 'Halloween 2'

When Jason Blum and Jamie Lee Curtis say they're "discussing stuff" we listen. In fact, just weeks after the powerhouse duo tantalized fans with the most adorable Tweet ever, multiple sources out of Collider now report that the sequel to 2018’s redux slasher hit is expected to start production this Fall!

According to Collider, the plan is to start shooting after Labor Day with a theatrical release set for October 6, 2020, which was previously reserved for an untitled Blumhouse film.

Sources say David Gordon Green is expected to return in both writer and Director capacity with 2018's leading stars - Jamie Lee Curtis, who is "all but assured to return," along with the expectation that Judy Greer and Andi Matichack will strike a deal to reprise their roles as Laurie's daughter and granddaughter.

Collider's report does not mention whether or not David Gordon Green's script will be based on the first draft written by Blumhouse collaborator, Scott Teems (Rectify, Narcos Mexico). Additionally, longtime producer Malek Akkad will return along with Danny McBride and series godfather, John Carpenter executive producing.

Stay tuned!

Tooth drop heard around the world - Halloween
Tooth drop heard around the world - Halloween

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