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Move over Avengers, move over Jurassic World The Force Awakens is the movie of the year MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!

jackblake151 jackblake151 Never have I been excited this year to see this, its the first movie I have not spoiled for myself, everytime someone mentions it I'm like SHHH!!!!! not another word. Anyway this is The Force Awakens.

Okay so Luke Skywalker has disappeared off the face of the earth and only one man (Poe Dameron) has his whereabouts so he puts it inside BB-8 who is probably the most adorable little droid you have ever seen. Anyway he bumps in to Rey who is a scavenger who then proceeds to bump in to Fin who is a Stormtrooper who decided to dessert the First Order run by the terrifying Kylo Ren played by Adam Driver. Fin and Rey team up and take down the First Order along with Han Solo and Princess Leia.

So now we get on to the spoilers (do not read on if you haven't seen The Force Awakens yet) so we find out that Kylo Ren is in fact one of Luke Skywalker's pupils who sadly went bad oh he's also Han Solo's son and he eventually Kills Han Solo. Now this I didn't see coming at all and was and is a right proper throwback to The Empire Strikes you know when you find out that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father (what you didn't oh dear) the whole film is a proper nostalgic trip for anybody who remembers the old Star Wars movies.

The action is fantastic, the epic space battles are fantastic especially when the Resistance in their X Wings fight against the Tie Fighters (yep their back as well) the acting is perfect hats off to Adam Driver who done a terrifying job as Kylo Ren, everytime he spoke with his deep voice I shivered I mean he was fantastic, Daisy Ridley is great as Rey and so is John Boyega as Fin.

But hats off to the man of the hour Mr J.J Abrams people the guy who made this movie happen, he has done an amazing job, and he has even been the cause of some record breakers 2 billion in 12 days beating Jurassic Works and Avatar, it has become a massive box office hit worldwide. So what would I rate this film uhh really do I really need to give this film a rating a definite one hundred percent 10/10 the action was fantastic the acting was great and so was the nostalgic value as well, so yeah 10/10 I hope you enjoyed The Force Awakens and hopefully you felt nostalgic too.


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jackblake151 jackblake151

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