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Quentin Tarantino not excited by streaming; still uses video tapes

thepopculturestudio thepopculturestudio In what will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with his films, Quentin Tarantino isn't a fan of streaming movies and cites DVDs and video tapes as his preferred format instead.

In an interview included in author Tom Roston's new book I Lost It at the Video Store: A Filmmakers' Oral History of a Vanished Era, Tarantino is quoted as saying:

"I'm not excited by streaming at all. And I can't watch a movie on a laptop. I don't use Netflix at all."

Tarantino, who is known for including homages to the cinema of bygone eras in his own films (several of which are, ironically, available on Netflix), is a vocal skeptic of shift towards digital projection in theatres, and this love of the physical seems to extend to his home viewing habits as well.

"I like something hard and tangible in my hand," is how the Academy Award winning writer-director of classics such as Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds, describes his feelings on the subject, going on to reveal that he owns around 8,000 tapes and DVDs, which he bought from the video store where he used to work after it closed.

Tarantino's dislike for the modern streaming experience is so great, he even admits to Roston that he still records films onto video tape when they are shown on television "...just so [he] can keep [his] collection going."

When approached regarding Tarantino's remarks, Netflix declined to comment.

Source: Indiewire

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thepopculturestudio thepopculturestudio

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