Sony rebooting 'Look Who's Talking'

Rebootitis in full effect

If there was ever a tag line representing Hollywood’s love affair of sequels, prequels, re-equels, remakes, and reboots, it very well should be “Show Me the Money”.

Such is the case with Sony’s plan to reboot Amy Heckerling's $300 million dollar grossing romcom Look Who’s Talking starring Kirstie Alley, George Segal, John Travolta, and Bruce Willis.

Deadline reports Jeremy Garelick, writer behind The Break-Up and The Wedding Ringer, has been tapped to write and direct a “modern” reboot that will allow for a "diverse cast." Which, pretty much says all you need to know about a film that was also generally not well-received by critics (and audiences), including New York Times critic Vincent Canby who, in his 1 star review, says “Cute is the operative word for the movie, which stars some good actors doing material that is not super.” I don’t disagree with Mr. Canby’s take but I will admit, Heckerling’s film is also not bad.

For now, we’ll file this under in development and hopefully it stays that way.