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Tom Cruise returns: Mission: Impossible 6 resumes production

GregHarmon GregHarmon Managing Editor Did you forget Tom Cruise has been walking around with a bum ankle?

Thanks to the UK Daily Mail, we have confirmation that the 55-year-old 'Dad runner' extraordinaire has returned to the set of Mission: Impossible 6 with his signature toothy grin and his insatiable love for STUNTS! Cruise's return comes after breaking his ankle back on August 12. Despite the seven week recovery, Paramount announced the July 27, 2018 release date was not in jeopardy but production would indeed go on hiatus until Tom fully recovered.

Cruise was spotted on Tuesday in Essex, England exchanging harnesses and buildings for rigged helicopters and large trucks. Cruise, who is no stranger to performing his own stunts, injured himself back on August 12 while jumping between two 6-story buildings in the Blackfriars district of London. Footage released by TMZ shows Cruise intentionally falling short of the building but hitting his mark in what was his fourth stunt attempt.

Paramount announced shortly after M:I 6 will stay on track for its July 27, 2018 release but would go on hiatus until Tom's recovery. Despite Paramount's announcement, Director, Christopher McQuarrie confirmed production would proceed by "shifting to editorial" allowing McQuarrie's team extra time to refine M:I 6's production work-to-date:

“You never stop working. I’m on the backlot at Leavesden right now, getting ready to shoot an insert out in the field. You simply rearrange the order in which you were going to do certain things on the movie. This in fact gives us an opportunity to go into editorial and look at what we’ve shot and reassess the movie, which is a luxury you don’t normally have because you’re on a train that just doesn’t stop.”

Mission: Impossible 6 also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Simon Pegg, Michelle Monaghan, Sean Harris, Ving Rhames, Sian Brooke, Alec Baldwin and Angela Bassett.

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GregHarmon GregHarmon Managing Editor

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