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'Westworld Season 3' Official Trailer

GregHarmon GregHarmon Managing Editor Ramin Djawadi is a solid 2 for 2 when it comes to nailing the crème de la crème of 80’s rock (Sweet Child O’Mine) and 90’s grunge (Heart Shaped Box - Season 2 Trailer)

Check out the trailer below!

Welcome to “this world," "your world," "my world," "entire world," and "save the fucking world!"

The math don't lie folks.

That's FIVE times the mysterious and ill-defined word - "world" - is hurled from the mouths of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), William (Ed Harris), and a mysterious suit out for blood (Vincent Cassel) in the first trailer of WESTWORLD season 3.

But what does it all mean?

HBO’s first look teases a radical shift, moving from Westworld's crumbled establishment and into a world that Dolores refers to as “a world her kind were never allowed to go.” Is it a world where (wo)mankind currently inhabits? Or is it, a future world manifested by Delos’ quest to relieve humanity's sins by instilling human consciousness through AI?

Regardless, the battle between hosts and humans is only beginning and an unlikely alliance is forged between Dolores, Charlotte, and William - whose redemption tour might as well be titled “I'm gonna save the f—ing world”! Joining Team Dolores is Aaron Paul’s "Caleb" (who may have more in common with Dolores than we know), and Caleb's people played by Lena Waithe and Marshawn Lynch (!). Standing opposite Team Cool People is Vincent Cassel who, for reasons unbeknownst to us, commands Mauve (Thandie Newton) to kill Dolores.

Clearly this man has no clue what kind of hell he’s just unleashed upon himself and others.

Westworld Season 3 premieres March 15 at 9 p.m. (CST) on HBO

Westworld | Official Season 3 Trailer | HBO
‘Westworld’ courtesy HBO
‘Westworld’ courtesy HBO

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