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Stephen Amell releases first photo from the set of 'Arrow' S John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn, Arrow Chad L. Coleman in The Walking Dead Wild Dog will appear in multiple episodes of Willa Holland in 'Arrow' Star City Mayor Oliver Queen Team Arrow vs. Nuclear Missiles Green Arrow's final confrontation with Damian Darhk Oliver Queen being sworn in as Mayor of Star City Curtis Holt and Felicity Smoak Damian Darhk Oliver Queen speaking to citizens of Star City Green Arrow Green Arrow Lyla & John Diggle Captain Lance Green Arrow Felicity Smoak, Captain Lance Noah Kuttler, Felicity & Donna Smoak, Curtis Holt Malcolm Merlyn, Thea Queen Felicity Smoak & Noah Kuttler Green Arrow Felicity Smoak and her parents Curtis Holt, Felicity Smoak, Noah Kuttler hacking Rubicon Arrow 4x23 Extended Promo Lyla & John Diggle in Arrow lair Malcolm Merlyn tells Thea Queen about Genesis Thea Queen finds out about Genesis Thea Queen while imprisoned by HIVE Felicity Smoak Noah Kuttler John & Lyla Diggle Lyla & John Diggle Green Arrow Felicity & Donna Smoak Felicity & Donna Smoak Felicity & Donna Smoak Original Team Arrow + Lyla in lair Original Team Arrow + Lyla Diggle in lair Thea Queen & her father Malcolm Merlyn Lyla Diggle (ARGUS), Green Arrow, Spartan Felicity Smoak, Noah Kuttler, Spartan/John Diggle Felicity Smoak Felicity Smoak and her father Noah Kuttler Green Arrow in Arrow lair (background Rubicon schematics) Lyla Diggle reporting imminent threat of Genesis Lyla Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Noah Kuttler in Arrow lair Malcolm Merlyn working with HIVE Green Arrow & Spartan Arrow 4x22 Extended Promo Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen at Hub City casino Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak at Hub City casino Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen in Arrow lair Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen in Arrow lair Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak in 1x21 casino field op Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak at Hub City casino Esrin Fortuna teaching Oliver Queen magic Andy Diggle Andy & John Diggle Andy Diggle and his HIVE crew The Diggle Brothers, Andy and John Andy Diggle, Damian Darhk Esrin Fortuna, Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak Esrin Fortuna, Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen Esrin Fortuna Oliver Queen Felicity Smoak Arrow 4x21 Promo Quentin Lance at daughter Laurel's bedside Oliver Queen giving Laurel Lance eulogy Laurel Lance/Black Canary's funeral Quentin and Dinah Lance at daughter Laurel's funeral Green Arrow Felicity Smoak John Diggle at Laurel Lance's funeral Green Arrow and fake Black Canary on set Oliver Queen at Laurel Lance's funeral Arrow 4x20 Promo Arrow Logo Black Canary helping injured Green Arrow Brie Larvin holding Team Arrow at gunpoint Bri Larvin holding Green Arrow at gunpoint Felicity Smoak/Overwatch going after killer bees Felicity Smoak, when Thea Queen was attacked Brie Larvin/Bug-Eyed Bandit Felicity Smoak during robotic bee attack Green Arrow face-off with Bri Larvin Felicity Smoak/Overwatch Curtis Holt doing IT for Team Arrow Team Arrow after bee attack Curtis Holt, future Mr. Terrific Arrow 4x18 Promo Damian Darhk and his attorney Captain Lance testifying against Damian Darhk Oliver, John Diggle, Thea, Felicity on Fake Queen wedding to draw out Cupid Cupid Oliver Queen on his Fake Queen wedding to draw out Cupid Fake Queen wedding to draw out Cupid Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen, Cupid Felicity Smoak & Oliver Queen's fake wedding Arrow 4x17 Promo Arrow: Overwatch Poster Released Arrow - Broken Hearts Trailer Black Canary & Speedy Vixen Damian Darhk Vixen Damian Darhk Laurel Lance & Samantha Clayton Team Arrow with Vixen & Samantha Clayton Vixen Vixen & Green Arrow Oliver Queen/Green Arrow & Mari McCabe/Vixen Arrow 4x16 Extended Promo Vixen Vixen Oliver, Vixen, Diggle and Thea Vixen Vixen Vixen and Green Arrow Vixen Oliver Queen for Mayor John Diggle/Spartan Thea Queen & Oliver Queen Felicity, Thea, Oliver mayoral debate prep HIVE Demolition Team Donna Smoak Ruvé Adams/Mrs. Darhk Arrow 4x15 Promo Malcolm Merlyn/new Ra's Al-Ghul with his League of Assassins Nyssa Al-Ghul with Lotus antidote to Lazarus Pit Nyssa Al-Ghul & Malcolm Merlyn Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak Donna Smoak Felicity Smoak, Palmer Tech CEO & her father Noah Kuttler/Th Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak Noah Kuttler/The Calculator & Felicity Smoak/Overwatch Arrow 4x14 Promo New Poster for the Upcoming Episode of Arrow Deathstroke mask Arrow 4x13 Promo Felicity Smoak Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak Oliver Queen/Green Arrow & Felicity's father, The Calculator Curtis Holt & Palmer Tech board members Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific Felicity Smoak/Overwatch Green Arrow, Black Canary, Spartan Green Arrow & Arsenal Green Arrow Arsenal, Spartan, Black Canary Arrow - Target Trailer - The CW Arrow Megalyn Echikunwoke as Vixen Felicity's heritage represented at Queen holiday party Neal McDonough & Echo Kellum on set Oliver Queen at bay drone attack Team Arrow after Damian Darhk crashes holiday party Mayoral candidate Oliver Queen gives press interviews after Laurel Lance & Felicity Smoak with Star City kids at bay cle Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak Mama Smoak & Captain Lance Charlotte Ross/Mama Smoak & Emily Bett Rickards/Felicity Smo Arrow 4x10 Promo Green Arrow and The Flash battle Vandal Savage Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, The Flash Green Arrow Masked heroes from The Flash and Arrow Vandal Savage The Flash The Flash & Arrow Extended Crossover Trailer Oliver Queen/Green Arrow & John Diggle/Spartan Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak Oliver Queen meets Damian Darhk as Oliver Thea Queen and Alex, Oliver's campaign manager, at policemen Oliver Queen daytime mayoral speech John Diggle arguing with Oliver Queen about Andy Diggle Felicity Smoak & Ray Palmer working together again John Diggle & Laurel Lance at policemen's benefit John Diggle/Spartan & Oliver Queen/Green Arrow Oliver Queen mayoral campaign speech Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak Thea Queen/Speedy Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak Oliver Queen for Mayor The Flash & Arrow Donna Smoak & Captain Quentin Lance John Diggle & Oliver Queen in new Arrow lair, photo credit @ Sara Lance/Black Canary 1 & Laurel Lance/Black Canary 2 Laurel Lance/Black Canary & Thea Queen/Speedy Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on mission to rescue Ray Palmer/ATO Thea Queen/Speedy Oliver Queen/Green Arrow Ray Palmer/ATOM Felicity Smoak, Curtis Holt, John Diggle, Ray Palmer/ATOM Felicity Smoak, Curtis Holt, John Diggle rescuing Ray Palmer Felicity Smoak Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen, Curtis Holt Oliver Queen meets Curtis Holt at Palmer Tech Felicity Smoak trying to solve Ray Palmer mystery Felicity Smoak & Oliver Queen talk to Ray Palmer, who is ali Ray Palmer video messages Felicity Smoak Ray Palmer held captive by Damian Darhk Miniaturized post-explosion Ray Palmer Arrow 4x07 Promo First Image for 'The Flash' and 'Arrow' Crossover Thea Queen in the hospital, photo credit Arrow France Constantine bringing back Sara Lance's soul, photo credit Ar Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak, photo credit Arrow France Curtis Holt, Felicity Smoak photo credit @amellynation Laurel Lance/Black Canary, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow Oliver Queen/Green Arrow John Constantine restoring Sara Lance's soul Oliver Queen, Laurel Lance John Constantine, Oliver Queen Thea Queen, John Diggle, Oliver Queen Sara Lance Thea Queen Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen John Constantine Felicity Smoak & John Constantine Arrow 4x06 Promo Sara Lance after Lazarus Pit resurrection Oliver Queen confronts Captain Lance, photo credit @amellyna New Arrow lair, photo credit @amellynation Arrow 4x05 Promo Laurel trying to comfort her father over Sara's post-resurre Felicity Smoak & Thea Queen at Oliver's mayoral candidacy sp Oliver's disappointment in Captain Lance's betrayal Oliver Queen confronts Captain Lance about alliance with Dam Oliver Queen's mayoral speech Laurel trying to get Sara to remember her past Captain Lance & Damian Darhk's meeting captured on CCTV Sara Lance being resurrected in Lazarus Pit #OTA Original Team Arrow: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Arrow 4x04 Promo Felicity Smoak Laurel Lance & Malcolm Merlyn (the new Ra's) Curtis Holt Thea Queen & Laurel Lance Malcolm Merlyn (Ra's) & Nyssa Al-Ghul Original Team Arrow #OTA Felicity Smoak Double Down (metahuman) Original Team Arrow: John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Oliver Que Arrow 4x03 Promo Damian Darhk & Anarky Oliver Queen Oliver Queen Oliver Queen/Green Arrow & Thea Queen/Speedy Jessica Danforth Damian Darhk Arrow S04E02 Thea Queen/Speedy & Oliver Queen/Green Arrow Oliver Queen/Green Arrow Team Arrow Thea Queen/Speedy Team Arrow in the field, battling Damian Darhk's crew Team Arrow in Arrow lair Oliver Queen, Thea Queen/Speedy, John Diggle Team Arrow (minus Green Arrow) Felicity Smoak Felicity Smoak & Oliver Queen Oliver Queen New Green Arrow costume Oliver Queen/Green Arrow Arrow Banner Arrow Season 4 New Arrow Season 4 Spot - Aim Higher International Trailer Showcases Four Major Superhero Televis Embrace Darkness - Extended Arrow Season 4 Spot. Returns Oct Arrow Season 4 Teaser - Arrow Season 4 Close-Up Blueish Official Arrow Season 4 Trailer Official Arrow Season 4 poster featuring John Diggle John Diggle's new Arrow Season 4 costume Aim. Higher. - Arrow Season 4 Poster Art credit: quebecolicityfan Production Art Moira Queen Oliver Queen & Moira Queen Walter Steele & Moira, Thea, Oliver Queen Oliver Queen Malcolm Merlyn & Moira Queen Malcolm Merlyn Moira Queen Moira & Thea Queen, Roy Harper Moira Queen Walter Steele & Thea, Moira Queen Moira & Thea Queen Moira Queen & Felicity Smoak Malcolm Merlyn & Moira Queen Moira Queen & Malcolm Merlyn Oliver & Moira Queen Thea & Moira Queen Tommy Merlyn Tommy Merlyn & Laurel Lance Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer Malcolm Merlyn & Tommy Merlyn Tommy Merlyn & Laurel Lance Tommy Merlyn Tommy Merlyn & Laurel Lance Stephen Amell, Colin Donnell, and friends Tommy Merlyn & Oliver Queen Oliver Queen at Tommy Merlyn's grave Oliver Queen tries to save dying Tommy Merlyn in the Undertaking Tommy Merlyn dies in the Undertaking Tommy Merlyn Arrow article in @TVGuideMagazine Felicity & Oliver in @TVGuideMagazine Felicity Smoak & Oliver Queen First look at Arrow Season 4! Stephen Amell & Colin Donnell Arrow Stephen Amell in New Orleans Mama Smoak & Felicity Smoak Deadshot/Floyd Lawton Walter Steele & Moira Queen Nyssa Al-Ghul Anatoly Knyazev Mama Smoak & Felicity Smoak 3 Seasons of Arrow in 3 Minutes Felicity Smoak Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle - Original Team Arrow Felicity Smoak & Oliver Queen Felicity Smoak in Green Arrow costume Oliver Queen, John Diggle, Felicity Smoak - Original Team Arrow Ra’s al Ghul stabbed - Arrow Season 3 finale Oliver Queen defeats Ra's Al-Ghul, Starling City Oliver Queen & season 4 love interest Arkady Cast of Arrow Green Arrow/Oliver Queen Felicity Smoak & Mr. Terrific Mama Smoak & Captain Lance Mama Smoak & Felicity Smoak Damian Darhk John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen - Original Team Arrow Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak Felicity Smoak & Oliver Queen Ra's Al-Ghul defeats Oliver Queen, Nanda Parbat