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Ryan Gosling as Driver in Drive

Ryan Gosling as Driver in Drive

Ryan Gosling: A lot of action movies, you know these days, they're more action and have a little less character. I liked this one, become it had very strong character at the center. And there was a very strong love story as well.

Adam Siegel: Ryan Gosling, when he created the character Driver, drew from both the novel and the screenplay. And brought a sense of justice. And a sense of danger.

Ryan Gosling: At the beginning of the film he's involved in a heist. He's wheelman. He's like a getaway driver as well as a stuntman. Cars weren't something I knew very much about. Nicolas said I could pick any car that I wanted for the film and I would do all the work on it.

Nicolas Winding Refn: He designed his own car. Like he build his own heart.

Ryan Gosling: So I picked an old ‘73 Chevy Malibu and I rebuild it. Driver is different compared to whoever he's in the scene with. So a lot of the work we did on Driver kind of happened at the final stages when we were on set.

Hossein Amini (screenplay): Ryan had a huge input in really shaping the character. He always seems to bring a reality to all the parts he plays.

Bryan Cranston: He has a depth and a groundedness that is necessary for the character.

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