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My Week with Marilyn
She breaks hearts. She will break yours. My Week With Marilyn

She breaks hearts. She will break yours. My Week With Marilyn

Gentlemen, it is my special pleasure to introduce a woman who clearly needs no introduction. A very great actress. On her first trip to London. Marilyn, is it true you wear nothing in bed but perfume?

Darling, as I'm in England let's say I sleep in nothing but Yardley's Lavender.

I long to see her. This story describes a miracle. Ms. Monroe? Marilyn is not ready. Excuse my horrible face. A few days in my life, when my dream came true. Are you frightened of my Colin? No. Good. Because I like you.

Colin, is everything okay? Ms. Monroe had some large packages she needed handled.

What's Marilyn doing with my third assistant? Surprise. Get back here! Colin!

I have something in my eye. I can't see anything. Be careful not to get in too deep son.

Marilyn Monroe fancying you? Come on. She breaks hearts. She will break yours. I wouldn't buy that little girl lost act if I were you. I think she knows exactly what she's doing.

All people'll ever see is Marilyn Monroe. What must it be like to be the most famous woman on earth. You could quit this. Forget Marilyn Monroe. Forget Hollywood. Let it all go.

First love is such sweet despair Colin.

Shall I be her? Who? Marilyn.

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